Calendar of Events for 2015




01-01-15 Thursday----Angla Samvatsaradi
01-03-15  Saturday  O9-30 Am--Sri Balaji Abhishekam
                                                       (First  Saturday)
01-11-15 Sunday   10-30 Am---Sri Ganapati Abhishekam
01-14-15 Wednesday--Bhogi
                                          09-30 Am--Godadevi Abhishekam
                                          06-00 Pm--Goda Kalyanam
01-15-15 Thursday--Sanranti
                                        06-30 Pm--Sri Sai Baba Abhishekam
01-16-15 Friday---Kanuma
01-18-15 Sunday 10-30 Am--Sri Subramanya Abhishekam
01-19-15 Monday  06-00 Pm--Mahanyasa Siva Abhishekam
01-21-15 Wednesday  O9-30 Am--Sri Balaji Abhishekam
01-24-15 Saturday  10-30 Am--Sri Hanuman Abhishekam
01-26-15 Monday  09-30 Am--Sri Soorya Pooja



02-07-15  Saturday  O9-30 Am--Sri Balaji Abhishek                            (First  Saturday)
02-08-15 Sunday 10-30 Am--Sri Subramanya Abhishekam
02-14-15 Saturday  10-30 Am---Sri Ganapati Abhishekam
02-17-15 Tuesday  O9-30 Am--Sri Balaji Abhishekam(Sravanam)
02-17-15 Tuesday ---- Maha Sivaratri
06-30 pm to 08-00 pm--Samuhika Siva Abhishekam and Rudra Homam (for adults and children)
09-30- pm to 10-30 pm-- Samuhika Siva Abhisheka                          ( second) (for adults)
10-45 pm to 11-45 pm--Bhajans
11-45 pm to 12-45 am--Lingodhbava Abhishekam to Deity (third) (for adults)
01-00 am to 02-30 am--Bhajans
02-30 am to 03-00 am--Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam
03-00 am 05-00 am--Sri Siva Abhishekam (fourth) and Puja, Harati and Prasadam (for adults)

02-18-15 Wednesday--Temple Will Be Closed From 5-00 Am 
02-19-15 Thursday  -6-30 Pm Sri Sai Baba Abhishekam 
02-28-15 Saturday  10-30 Am--Sri Hanuman Abhishekam




03-06-15 Friday--6-30pm-----Holi  Festival
03-07-15 Saturday--9-30am----Sri Balaji Abhishekam          
                                 (First  Saturday)  (Bhogamoorthi)
03-14-15 Saturday--10-30 Am---Sri Ganapati Abhishekam
03-17-15 Tuesday---9-30am----Sri Balaji Abhishekam (Sravanam)
03-19-15 Thursday 9-30 Am --Sri Durga And Siva Abhishekam
03-21-15 Saturday--10-30 Am--Sri Subramanya Abhishekam 
                         New Year For Telugu, Marathi And
                          Kannada Communities, Gudipadwa
                           6-30 Pm  Panchanga Sravanam 
03-26-15 Thursday--6-30 Pm--Sri Saibaba Abhishekam
               (This Abhishekam Is Changed Due To Maasa Sivaratri)
03-27-15 Friday--Sri Rama Navami                 
                 6-30 Pm--Sri Seeta Rama Kalyanam
3-28-15 Saturday--Festival Of India--Health Fair
03-29-15 Sunday --10-30 Am--Sri Hanuman Abhishekam



4-4-15 Saturday Temple Is closed due to Lunar Eclipse and will open on 4-5-15 Sunday at 2-00 PM after Abhishekams to all the Deities are completed.  

4-11-15 Saturday --10-30 Am-Sri Ganapati Abhishekam
4-13-15 Monday --9-30 Am ----Sri Balaji Abhishekam (Sravanam)
4-16-15 Thursday--6-30 Pm--Sri Sai Baba Abhishekam
4-17-15 Friday--9-30 Am --Sri Mahanyasa Siva Abhishekam
4-18-15 Saturday --9-30 Am ----Sri Balaji Abhishekam (First Saturday Abhishekam Moved From 4-4-15 Due To Lunar Ecliplse)
4-18-15 Saturday--6-00 Pm --Sri Subramanya Abhishekam
4-25-15 Saturday--10-30 Am-- Sri Anjaneya Abhishekam



5-2-15 Sat  9:30am-Sri Balaji Abhishekam (Bhoga Moorthy)(First Saturday) 

May-8 Fri Sri Venkateswara Temple 10th Anniversary Celebrations
May- 9 Sat Sri Venkateswara Temple 10th Anniversary Celebrations
May-10 Sun Sri Venkateswara Temple 10th Anniversary Celebrations

5-13-15 Wed 6:30pm -Sri Hanuma Jayanthi(Hanuman Puja)
5-15-15 Fri  9:30am- Sri Durga And Siva Abhishekam 
5-16-15 Sat  10:30am-Sri Subrahmanya Abhishekam 10:30am
5-21-15 Thur 6:30pm- Sri Sai Baba Abhishekam 
5-23-15 Sat 10:30am - Sri Hanuman Abhishekam 


6-6-15 Saturday--9-30 Am--Sri Balaji Bhogamoorthy        Abhishekam (Sravanam Nakshatram)
6-13-15 Saturday--10-30 Am--Sri Ganapati Abhishekam
6-15-15 Monday--9-30 Am--Mahanyasa Siva Abhishekam
6-18-15 Thursday--6-30 Pm--Sri Sai Baba Abhishekam
6-20-15 Saturday--6-00 Pm-- Sri Subramanya Abhishekam
6-21-15 Sunday--Father's Day - Ampitru Pooja                                                  
6-27-15 Saturday--9-30 Am--Sri Balaji Abhishekam (This First Saturday Abhishekam  Has Been Changed Due To Sravanam Nakshatram Happen To Be On 6-6-15)
6-27-15 Saturday--6-00 Pm--Sri Hanuman Abhishekam 



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