Maha Kumbhabhishekam 2017- May 13 to May 18

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Vigraha Pratishta&Prathama Jeernodharana
Invocation of new Deities&first reinvocation of old Deities)
( May 13th to May 18th-2017)
 According to Aagama Sastras, once in every 12 years temple is  renovated and all the vigrahas are reestablished  (punahapratista).During the Jeernoddhaarana (renovation  period), the divine presence of the Murtis (Deities) must be  transferred to the holy waters contained in the Kalaasas.  Pooja is done to these Kalaasaas and Ustava deities (bronze  Deities taken out in processions). The kalasaas remain in a  miniature structure known as Balaalayam. Baala means mini  and "Aalaya‟ means Temple or structure" in Sanskrit.  During this time the devotees will not be able to see or do  poojas to the stone sculpted Moola Vigrahas (Deities). The  scheduled poojas will be done only to Utsava Murtis. The divine presence of the Lord will remain here until it is  transferred back to the Moola Vigrahas at Kumbhabhishekam.. Scheduled Poojas to  Moola Vigrahas will start only on the Mahaa Kumbhaabhishekam day.


04-01-2017 Saturday sri Balaji abhishekam 9.30 am
04-08-2017 Saturday sri Ghanapati Abhishekam 10.30 am
04-11-2017 Tuesday sri hanuman Jayanthi
Hanuman chalisa parayan 108 times 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
04-14-2017 Friday Tamil new year 6.30 pm Visesha Pooja
04-15-2017 sri Subramanya Abhishekam 10.30 am
04-20 -2017 Thursday sri Balaji Abhishekam 9.30 am (Saravananm )
04-20-2017 Thursday Sri Sai baba Abhishekam 6.00 pm
04-25-2017 Tuesday sri siva Abhishekam (mahanyasam )6.00 pm
04-29-2016 Saturday Sri hanuman Abhishekam 10.30 am
04-30-2017 Sri Shankara Jayanthi

Up coming events
Maha kumbhabhishekam May 13 th to May 18 th
May 18 th shanti bhajans
05-09-2017Sri nrusimha jayanti
05-10-2017 Sri Koorma Jayanti
05-21-2017 Sri hanuman Jayanti

Welcome to SV Temple, Corpus Christi

South Texas Hindu Society (STHS) welcomes you to Sri Venkateswara Temple of Corpus Christi. This temple is built according to Aagama Sastras. Various deities present in the temple are Lord Ganapathi, Lord Venkateswara, Lord Padmavathi, Lord Bhudevi, Lord Shiva, Lord Parvathi, Lord Subramanyaswamy, Lord Dattatreya, Lord Ram Pavivar, Lord Radha Krishna, Lord Durga Devi, Lord Hanuman, Navagrahas and Sadhguru Sri Ram Kabir Das. Sri Dattatreya, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Ram Parivar, Navagrahas and Sri Sant Kabirji.

We currently have Two priests and can provide a variety of worship services to Hindu devotees in Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend, Valley and the South Texas area.

Please schedule all private POOJAS and activities (eg. Sri hanuman chalisa and bhajans etc.) ahead of time with the PRIESTS and /or Temple Manager at Tel # 361-241-0550 or This is to avoid conflicts in scheduling activities and events at the temple.

Please generously donate to maintain, up keeping and development of Hindu Temple in South Texas.